Welcome to the South Jersey Radiology Patient Portal, your personalized one-stop shop for effective and convenient healthcare management. South Jersey Radiology understands the need of clear communication and simple access to critical medical information. Our patient portal is intended to give you control over your health journey. We’ll go over the features, benefits, and commonly asked questions in this guide to help you get the most out of your South Jersey Radiology Patient Portal experience.

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Here are login Steps of South Jersey Radiology Patient Portal

Here are the steps you need to take to get into your personal health records through the South Jersey Radiology Patient Portal:

  • Get out your laptop or mobile device and fire up a web browser.
  • The South Jersey Radiology Patient Portal can be accessed at the address you type into your browser. The address can be obtained from your healthcare practitioner or found on the South Jersey Radiology Health website.
  • Go to the South Jersey Radiology Patient Portal website and look for the login area there. Most websites will prominently feature a “Login” or “Sign In” button on the homepage to allow users to access this information.
  • To access the login page, select the corresponding link or sector.



South Jersey Radiology Patient Portal Login

  • There might be a field on the login page for you to type in your username or email address. You may need to enter your password when accessing certain portals.
  • To continue, click “Login” or “Sign In” after you’ve entered your credentials.
  • Try again with a different browser or double-check your username and password if you’re still having trouble reaching the login page. South Jersey Radiology support is available if you need help fixing any remaining problems.

After finding the South Jersey Radiology Patient Portal Login Page and signing in with your credentials, you’ll have access to your medical records and the portal’s other features and tools.

Forgot Password

Step 1: Go to the portal’s login page.

South Jersey Radiology Patient Portal


Step 2: On the login page screen, click the ‘Forgot Password’ icon.

Step 3: Enter your ‘Confirm Email Address’ in the blanks now.

Step 4: Click the ‘Submit‘ button.

Step 5: After that, follow the instructions on the page.

If you follow the directions, your password will be reset instantly and you will regain control of your account.

Please contact South Jersey Radiology if you have lost your username or require any other assistance.

Here are Sign Up steps for South Jersey Radiology Patient Portal

  • Navigate to the South Jersey Radiology Patient Portal.
  • Select “Sign Up” or “Register” from the menu.
  • Give the healthcare practitioner your name, birthdate, and contact information.
  • A healthcare provider registration link will be sent to you via email.
  • Visit the Patient Portal after clicking the link, registering with a username, password, and security questions.

The sign-up process differs depending on the healthcare provider and Patient Portal platform. Contact your doctor for precise instructions.

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Radiology Reports at Your Fingertips: You can get your radiological reports, diagnostic images, and related information right away. Keep up to date on your imaging studies to improve your understanding of your health.

Appointment Scheduling and Reminders: You may easily book radiology appointments online and receive reminders. Manage your imaging studies with ease and never miss a crucial appointment.

Secure Messaging with Radiologists: Securely communicate with our radiologists to address concerns, ask questions, and learn more about your imaging results. This tool encourages you to take a collaborative and educated approach to your health.

Image Sharing and Download: You can easily share diagnostic pictures with other healthcare providers and download them for personal use. This allows for the smooth coordination of care across various medical specialists.

Educational Resources: Access radiology and imaging-related information and educational materials. Improve your grasp of diagnostic processes and make more educated healthcare decisions.


Q1: How do I register for the South Jersey Radiology Patient Portal?

A: Visit our website or contact our office to request portal access. Follow the provided instructions to create your account and start benefiting from the features of the patient portal.

Q2: Is my personal health information secure on the portal?

A: Yes, the South Jersey Radiology Patient Portal employs robust security measures to protect your health information. Your data is encrypted and secured to ensure confidentiality and privacy.

Q3: Can I schedule and manage appointments for family members through the portal?

A: Yes, the patient portal allows you to manage appointments for yourself and your family members. Streamline scheduling and coordination for the entire family from one centralized platform.

Q4: How quickly can I expect to receive my radiology reports through the portal?

A: Radiology reports are typically available within a few days. The patient portal ensures that you have prompt access to your results, facilitating timely discussions with your healthcare team.


The South Jersey Radiology Patient Portal is a cornerstone of our commitment to providing patient-centered, cutting-edge healthcare. We hope to empower you in your healthcare journey by providing features such as safe communication, appointment management, and educational resources. Because your health and peace of mind are important to us, we offer the convenience and efficiency of handling your radiological needs through our patient portal.